Lucy Shows Off Her New Footwear. Betty Looks On

Lucy is showing off her colorful new footwear which protects her from being bitten by flies, along with her face mask which protects her face from flies which can really drive a horse crazy. Betty is happy with just her mask.



Bonnie Has Been Adopted and Here Are Pictures of Her New Home 

Bonnie was adopted last week and is now in her new home in Oregon. We are very happy for her. She seems to be enjoying herself.


Ellie May's Mommy Has Been Found!!!!!!

This really sweet Basset Hound needs a really good family to adopt her. You will fall in love with her. She is probably 2 to 3 years old, gets along well with other dogs, is house-broken and is really a cutie. Anybody interested please call Lori Morris at (310) 457-3223.


A New Chapter In Groby's Life. Wheelchair Day

He's doing great!  He already sits and stands straighter.  His little tail never stops wagging when he is in the chair.  He can walk very short distances and can even turn around.  We have a video but we can't get it off the phone to send you.  We will as soon as we can or we'll just take another one.  Take care!  Joy


Groby With His New Forever Family


New Dog Needs Forever Home

The sweet dog below needs a new home. Call Lori Morris at (310) 457-3223 for information.


Thanks For the Great Turnout at Our Bingo Night at Hamburger Mary’s 

We had a great attendance at Hamburger Mary’s on January 30 for our Bingo Night. Everybody had a great time playing Bingo and winning prizes plus the food was absolutely delicious.

A big thank you to Bingo Boy who did a great job as "Master of Ceremonies" and also to Roxie, his helper.

Also thanks to the many people in attendance who volunteered to help at the ranch. We appreciate it and we can also use help.


Groby, Our Other Dog Born Without Front Legs Enjoys Hanging Out With Chiquita.

Groby, our other dog born without front legs is hanging out with Chiquita, our Chihuahua.


Gogo is Adopted by a Loving Family.

Gogo, our loving dog who was born without front legs has been at Hope Ranch Animal Rescue for about 6 months. He has just been adopted by a loving family with other dogs. They have renamed him Rocky. They all really like Gogo and he seems to be very happy. He now gets to sleep in bed with his new family. Above is a picture of Rocky and one of his new friends.

This is an example of what your donations can do for unwanted or sick animals. With our help Gogo was kept healthy with good food and care. We're very happy that the right family came along and adopted hime. Please donate what you can so animals like Gogo can live happy, healthy lives. No matter how small every bit counts.




Rocky Is Our Latest Arrival at Bird Sanctuary. A Letter To His Mommy.

You are so thoughtful, Vivian! Thank you for the gift.

Rocky sends his love big time. A couple days ago Rocky said "upup" like you do. He wanted me to hold hand cuddle with him.

He sure breaks my heart (as do you with the love that I saw from you two).

Last night the weather was nice and everything seemed normal as usual, but a few of my birds and especially Rocky were really needy for extra affection. I stayed up late holding and cooing each of them. It was weird. I never have had three birds get like that at one time and for no reason when the routine was the same. I wonder if they were talking to each other about things while I was gone. I know that they will get excited together or tattle on each other, but to all feel so needy together was new.

This weekend I need to build more crazying things for them to figure out. Rocky has not played with his plastic ball and I keep it on his shelf, but he never goes on it. I put it right where you said. He likes to go on that wooden stand.

Patty has been over here a lot. He is taking to her. She is short and there is a long way between her and the top of his cage where he hangs out. He likes to stand on top of his cage mostly and goes on the door in the evening when I am sitting near him. Instead of going to the Bay area for Xmas, I will be flying to LA to see my family and Patty will be here for the 4 days.

Her husband comes and sings to the birds. Some of the birds prefer a man, but they all love Patty a lot. When I get back we are going to have a nail and beak trimming. LOL.

Have a happy holiday season. Keep busy. Hang with friends. Enjoy!